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I've been experimenting with a number of social media platforms lately and see who is the easiest to sign up on and the easiest to work with. I've had a number of you contact me to ask if you can have my permission to open up fan accounts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook seems to be pretty easy to get an account going Twitter is even easier, but Instagram seems to be impossible for everybody.

I have given permission to four such people and within minutes Instagram takes down all the effort they put forward. I'm trying to understand why that is but I suppose I'll never figure a guy like Zuckerberg out. In the meantime, if any of you have Instagram accounts that you're not using, I'll send them over to these folks that want to run fan accounts for me and I guess we can just carry on as normal.

If you could help out, simply go to and let me know in the contact form.

Thank you everybody!

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