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As a child, I was always excited about the prospect of having Aunt Jemima pancakes on Saturday mornings. that was our family tradition, a white family woke up early on Saturday mornings, broke out a box of white pancake mix that had a very lovely and happy black lady on the front of the box.

Why do I bring up color? Because all of you do.

Children don't see color. They see happy, sad, Angry and other emotions along with it and when they do come across somebody or a rendition of somebody who is happy, they are comfortable with that product.

As a 3-year-old, I was very comfortable with Aunt Jemima pancakes and syrup. I'm sure the calorie count was higher than it should have been but that smiling face on Saturday mornings is what I looked forward to all week.

The far left has taken that away from me and all future generations.

It's almost like these far-left idiots want black people erased from history.

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