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The good news is that 700,000 people are on their way to Texas and that number is only going to get bigger.

Americans have had enough of left-wing nonsense and they certainly have had enough of the Biden administration. Americans need to protect their country and now it looks like they're going to do that exact thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Americans forming militia and being deputized by Governor Greg Abbott and then, if need be, defending Texas from the current American Federal government.

Texas is unique in that Texas can succeed from the United States whenever they wish. I believe that Greg Abbott the current governor is trying to avoid that scenario and that is why I'm also saying if you go down there with your guns the odds are pretty good he's going to deputize all of you to defend Texas from Biden.

This is a turning point in American history and God bless America for having gun laws that protect the rights of gun owners and God bless America for having it written in their constitution that not only is it their right to defend their country, but it is their responsibility.

I am a Canadian who wants desperately to see America thrive because I can tell you I had to escape communist Canada or die and I do not want to see Americans live the same way.

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