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I Have Lost More Friends Because I Wont Take Palestine's Side - Here's My Message To Y'All

I'm not a fan of being threatened and when friends tell me that I have to do something or they'll stop talking to me, it never really bodes well for them. Kids used to do that but it was more along the lines of give me a lick of your Popsicle or I won't be your friend.



Now the demand is that I must choose Palestine in this war that has nothing to do with the West or I can't be friends with them.

I would never side with Palestine nor will I side with Israel because both parties are a bunch of maniacs and I want nothing to do with the genocide committed by both sides of this battle. You certainly are not going to threaten me with your friendship to make me pick the side you've picked even though you can never answer my questions as to why you're even involved in the protest in the first place. So I bid goodbye to a few more people, rest assured the sun will come up tomorrow.

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