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Canada currently has 205 political prisoners in the country. The province of Alberta demanded that four men be arrested who were simply protesting, which is their right to do.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested them on trumped up charges and then put a photograph out of firearms that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they had confiscated from these men.

They did not; the police lied and the current Premier of the Province of Alberta is doing nothing to release these men.

I'm a Canadian journalist who has been locked up for 7 months of his life just for telling the truth about how politics in Canada work and I can tell you that the remand centers that these men are in are just places to make one miserable.

The Canadian Corrections system has nothing to do with corrections; it is designed to make you suffer. To be locked up in one of these institutions for 2 years is soul crushing and completely illegal. Nobody in government wants to be held to an account on this and that includes the current Premier of the province, who has the power to shut down the courthouses with one sentence; she just won't do it.

It would be greatly appreciated if all of you could send them handwritten letters and you'll find the address is on my Instagram page, which is the big yellow square that has four men's photos on it.

Believe me when you get mail in a Canadian prison sometimes it's the only thing keeping you alive.

I greatly appreciate all of your help in this.

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