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Philadelphia Flyers Need A New Name, Logo and Jersey as The Have Gone WOKE

The Philadelphia Flyers decided to join the crazy left wing in their woke attitude and their wokeness. if you recall, I have been saying for quite some time: "GET WOKE, GO BROKE!"

Fortunately, they had one real man on the team who stood up to them and said that he would not put that ridiculous flag on his body. His reasons were religion but it doesn't matter what his reasons are, he can still decide to walk away from the crazy LGBTQ cult that has been destroying the Western World for the last two decades.

It's incredible how it's only Russian men and not men born here in North America who are standing up to this nonsense.

To help the Philadelphia Flyers look even dumber than they already do, I have renamed them, design their new logo and design their new jersey.

Spread the word! - Kevin J. Johnston

The new name and the new logo by Kevin J. Johnston - approved by the Alberta Gay Community with a standing ovation!

Front of the jersey - new 'cut' logo and the appropriate type of stick in the white band!

Back of the jersey - note the brown hole to store things like water bottles.

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