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First Kevin J. Johnston Newsletter of 2021! Masks Don't Work and Hospitals Are Empty!

Bonnie Crombie, John Tory, Doug Ford & The Rest LIED TO YOU about hospitals being Full.

They're EMPTY!

Bonnie Crombie, the criminal in the Mayor's Office of Mississauga went on National TV and lied to Canadians about hospitals being FULL of COVID-19 victims. First: There are NO COVID-19 victims. Second: The hospitals ARE EMPTY!

Read my book MASKS ARE BULLSHIT! I debunk EVERY SINGLE LIE told to you about COVID-19.

I cover:

  • How your body kills viruses.

  • How Bonnie Crombie and Doug Ford broke the law

  • The PROFITS made by the World Health Organization on this fake crisis

  • The politics behind a scam like this pandemic

  • The murders committed by the WHO director

  • By-Laws that are illegal and NOT ENFORCEABLE

  • Why the PCR Test IS A SCAM!

  • What "CASES" and why they are a FRAUD!

Canadians Will Be SHOWN How To WIN This War Started by our Politicians!

Stay Tuned!

Throughout the course of 2021, the astounding Kevin J.Johnston will be teaching the public how to defeat BY-LAWS, Lawyers and Politicians. Everything to do with these National Lockdowns are a crime against humanity, and we are all going to hold our "leaders' accountable! Kevin J. Johnston will be LIVE 5 days a week at 9PM Toronto Time! Tune in and join the battle against the traitors who wish to destroy you! This country is OURS and not theirs. Let's take it back!

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