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Far Left BELL MEDIA is Laying Off 1300 People and Closing 9 Radio Stations

The useless and far left extreme Bell Media, who has lied about every conservative in Canada for the last 10 years straight and helped that loser John Tory win the Toronto mayorship, has announced they're laying off 1300 people and closing nine radio stations. This is what happens when your programming is exactly opposite to what the Canadian populace wants to watch or listen to.

When you are pushing the pro-pedophilia and anti-Christian agenda all of the time you tend to forget that it's white Christian males who spend the most money on advertising and the far left spends $0 on advertising. If you want your business to thrive or even stay alive, you never cater to those who don't have money.

If Bell Media wants to survive their own stupidity, they need to put me on one of their shows, which I guarantee would be the number one rated show in the country in less than 30 days.

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