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Do You Want To Do Website Work or Social Media Marketing Work For Kevin J. Johnston?

If you are contacting me because you want to do search engine optimization work, website design work, content writing, graphic design, or social media marketing, I will be quite honest and blunt and that is I do not want to hear your sales pitch.



The reason that you know who I am is because I am very good at doing the exact things that you want to get paid to do by me.

However, if you are very good at what you do, then please show me what you can do and then contact me once you have established something online. For example, many of you say that you can get social media to work so please by all means open up some social media accounts and send links directly to my contact page. If I grab even a single customer from your work, I'll sign a three-year contract with you.

I am a busy man and as much as we all want to try to gain a couple of dollars here and there, the only thing I care about are actions and not words. Don't tell me what you can do, show me what you can do!

Here are the contact links that you need:

Monday Nights at 9PM EST I hold PRIVATE Zoom Calls with Limited Spaces - You can ask me questions directly.

Book Your Spot Here:

On Wednesday Nights you can ask questions FREE on THE REAL ESTATE SHOW, 9PM LIVE on

To contact Kevin or Mark, please use

Thank you very much!

Kevin J. Johnston

Costa Rica Relocation Expert

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