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Dinosaurs Are Not Oil. BLACK OIL IS GREAT FOR PLANTS AND SOIL! Greta Thunberg Must Go To Prison!

I love crude oil, I love black oil, I love gasoline and I love gas powered cars. I love the fact that diesel powered train engines can pull a mile worth of train cars behind it.

Did you know that you can fertilize your garden with black oil?

Now we need to focus on locking up Greta Thunberg before she sends any more young children into panic attacks and suicide attempts.

People like her, and Hathaway, Kevin Bacon and that idiot AOC in New York are all responsible for a lot of suicides around the world because they are telling people that black oil is bad and that somehow black oil is going to end the planet in 12 years. Remember they told me that shit when I was a teenager and somehow I made it to my fifties. Not only is the planet doing fine but there are more trees in 2023 in North America then there were in 1978.

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