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Cultural appropriation is a term that is used only to describe white people and to stop white people from having any kind of fun at any time.



Apparently White Chicks should not put cornrows in their hair, White Chicks should not dress up as geisha girls and white people should never dress up as anything other than what unintelligence black chicks would consider to be wholesome enough for a white person to wear.

As a man who lived in Harlem and West Philadelphia I can tell you that the opinions of black chicks who make accusations as such mean as little to you as they do to me. There is absolutely no point in listening to anything that they have to say about the way that you dress or how you style your hair.

You can wear anything you want and you do not need the permission of some loud and obnoxious black chick in the United States to do so. So I'm willing to make a compromise. I think that super fit White Chicks look super hot when they do their hair in cornrows and it's something that I have requested a few lovers in the past. So if black women across America could somehow stop walking on asphalt roads which was created by a white man and built by mostly White men, then I'll stop asking chicks who are white to do their hair up in cornrow Style.

In fact, black chicks should not play basketball either that was invented by a white man to keep white football players in shape during the winter at a white school. How dare you appropriate my culture!

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