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I just thought you should know that there are insects here in Costa Rica that tip the ruler at 8 inches in length and possibly longer.

Nobody in Costa Rica eats bugs and when you ask them if people eat bugs here they get offended. Do you know what that means? The Costa Ricans know eating insects is a very bad idea. In Costa Rica, they eat chicken, fish, pork, and beef in very large quantities and everybody kills bugs the second bug arrives within five feet of them.

Chitin is a starch-like sugar that makes up the shells of insects and crabs and if you are eating this substance, you are going to get sick because it is highly toxic.

Eat enough bugs and you will get cancer and the World Health Organization knows this. The WEF and the WHO who want you dead have made that very clear and you believe that eating bugs that will kill you is somehow good for the planet that doesn't even know that we are here.

This planet has been hit by planetoids and comets for billions of years and it's still here. Whether you eat bugs or steak, I assure you nothing will change on the planet at all.

Also, if you really concerned about the planet, understand that our species has a limited time here we will not be around past 10,000 more years and the planet will just shake us off like we were some kind of skin rash and continue to exist until the sun expands and explodes. None of us will be here for that so what the fuck are you worried about? Go buy a steak and quit your bitching.

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