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Canadians Just Lost The Right To Criticize The Government: MONUMENTAL COURT DECISION

Greetings to everybody all over the world. Canadians have now lost the right to criticize their government. My name is Kevin J. Johnston, Canada's number-one podcaster and most censored man.

I ran for mayor of Calgary in 2021 and in order to stop me from being able to run properly the government of the Canadian province of Alberta locked me up in a Maximum Security Prison for 7 weeks.

Part of my campaign was a promise to investigate all government agencies involved in the COVID-19 scam. As an investigative journalist I found zero evidence that there was ever a pandemic in the first place and of course I told people that there was Zero evidence in my podcast. There was however evidence that COVID-19 policies were destroying businesses, destroying families, and killing people. A deliberate crime against humanity like that must be punished.

I am sure that they knew I had a very good chance to win so on top of the jail sentence which was illegal I might add, Alberta Health Services which is completely funded by the government, and the taxpayer filed a lawsuit for 1.5 million dollars against me for DEFAMATION.

(I cannot comment BY LAW on AHS, I can only point out the raw fact that I was in court against them)

On March 22, 2023, court file number 2101 06254 was heard at 2:00pm in courtroom 100, in the SKYCRAPER courthouse in downtown Calgary, their lawyer argued poorly that I should lose the case. I argued incredibly well, that they failed ALL of the tests that are required for defamation to be proven.


Download PDF • 1.07MB

It doesn’t matter. It’s me, so I WILL LOSE by default. As (according to an Alberta Judge) the most charismatic man in the province, they MUST keep me quiet because I am CORRECT when I speak, they are not, but they need the narrative to continue on so that they can hold onto power.

The judge in his 30-page submission made NO MENTION of the arguments that I brought forward and awarded $650,000 to AHS. That is an ENORMOUS sum in Canada, akin to $50 Million in the United States by comparison.

The judge also wrote a NEW TORT LAW of Harassment which has never been discussed in any legislature in the country.

This case MUST BE APPEALED, but since the Canadian government has stripped me of all my money and assets, leaving me to life of welfare, I have no funds to appeal this case.

Please donate today and let’s FIGHT BACK before there is nothing left to fight for.

Kevin J. Johnston

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