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Canadians Are Joining Pro-Hamas Protests Instead of Protesting The High Cost of Food, Housing and Carbon Tax

Unfortunately with everybody being as lost as they are in our modern world, young people especially those born in Canada and the United States, are looking for something to bring meaning to their lives.

Instead of protesting against their own governments and all of the policies being brought to destroy their lives, they are choosing to join up with Pro Hamas groups and protest a war that is taking place halfway around the world in countries they can't find on a map.

While everybody is protesting in favor of Hamas and the destruction of Israel, the destruction of Canada has become a very real thing.

It bothers me that nobody is paying attention to the excessively high cost of food in Canada, massive property taxes, huge carbon taxes, brand new capital gains taxes and the price of houses are now irreparably out of reach for the average family to purchase their first residence.

The worst thing in the world that you can do is to join groups and cliques that have nothing to do with you and that is exactly what Canadians are doing now. so the more you protest in favor of Hamas, the more your government is going to take away from you.

By the time the Hamas protests are over, you will have nothing left.

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