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Tony Olienick is a Canadian man who was falsely accused by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of trying to shoot a police officer. It never happened and it was never going to happen.

The police lied, which is what the RCMP does. He has been in prison for 2 years with no trial and no bail and no medication. We are doing a fundraiser to help get him out on Saturday March second at 6:00 p.m. eastern Time on

Please spread the word. Canada puts people in jail for absolutely nothing because it is a communist dump run by liberal pedophile perverts.

I am a Canadian Citizen and I had to escape Canada myself because they kept locking me up as well. Let's fight back please give us a hand calling attention to this case and let's get him out of prison!

Tony Olienick Locked In Prison For 2 Years FOR NOTHING - We Must Get Him Out Fundraiser on

Let's Get This Innocent Man Out of Prison - The RCMP LIED About him - He did NOTHING WRONG. Join our Fundraiser at 4PM MST / 6PM EST on Saturday, March 2!

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