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Canadian Parents Must Start Protecting Their Children RIGHT NOW From Perverted Teachers and Schools

The school boards in Canada that are publicly funded are run by a bunch of perverts that want a sexualize your children. Okay, I'm happy that you're angry about it and I'm happy that your contacting me about your anger but every time I make suggestions to each and every one of you by email or through telephone calls none of you actually do anything that I am suggesting.

I am but one man and as much as I have in the way of knowledge to be able to fight these disgusting perv bags, I still can't fight your fight for you and that is what many of you wish for me to do.

I don't live all over the country so I can't be in every town all of the time. But all of you can form coalitions and take these School boards down. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do it for you. Attack!

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