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The kind of Revenue Agency is essentially the biggest scam in Canada. They are a private for-profit Corporation contracted to the Federal Government of Canada to lie to the Canadian public about the fact that the Canadian public has to pay them taxes. There's positively nothing to gain by paying taxes anymore and everything in the world to lose. You cannot do jail time for owing tax dollars in Canada, just like I've already proven to you that you can't go to jail for owing fines in Canada.

The Canadian government doesn't like me very much, so they have guaranteed that I have the better part of 11.75 million in fines and to this day I have not paid even one penny of it and I won't ever pay a penny of it. I do not owe money to anybody because some asshole in a black dress says that I do.

You do not owe money to the kind of Revenue Agency because some asshole who has a job there says that you do. Your money is yours and the trick here is to keep all of your money and forget about the idea of a pension. All of you seem to think that paying into Canada pension plan is somehow going to benefit you in the future. It will to the tune of $12,000 a year, but this is not 1971 and you can't live on $12,000 a year in just about every country in the world.

What if you were to keep all of your money and invest it properly? What if you just got the hell out of Canada and hid your money where the Canadian government can't touch it?

If you have a lien on your property that is stopping you from selling your house and leaving the country, get a hold of me right away and we'll get rid of it for you. It's your house that you bought with your blood sweat and tears and there's no reason for you to allow some piece of shit, who works for a government Mafia agency, to take it from you.

My name is Kevin J. Johnston and you can reach me right here.

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