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Over lunch, I had a conversation with a number of people who didn't seem to understand that the Canada Revenue Agency, the thieves that are the equivalent of the American IRS, are a powerless body who cannot do any harm to you.

This man who is in his 60s actually told everybody at the table that Canada Revenue Agency could walk into your house and take all of your property if you did not do your taxes on time or if you forgot to file.

Everybody at the table was shocked to find out that statement of his was incorrect, but they were even more surprised to find out that you don't actually have to pay income tax in Canada.

That of course will be a long story to be told on another day but the reason that all of you comply with every stupid thing that is asked of you is because none of you do any research of your own.

You assume that there are laws in place granting people who have no power the power to take what you have. If a Canada Revenue Agency employee enters your property, you can trespass them and if they try to enter your house, you really can't beat the living shit out of them.

They are not police officers they would not be there with a warrant and they are unable to get a warrant because they are not law enforcement.

It really really blows my mind, that adults are so afraid of concepts that they have never once witnessed themselves exist as something that is true and to be feared.

Remember the proverb that I wrote?

"When you make a decision based on fear it is 100% wrong 100% of the time."

People who work for Canada Revenue Agency are losers and they are very weak individuals mentally, physically and spiritually and that is why they took an uncreative and unimaginative job such as making phone calls to decent human beings across the country specifically to harass them, extort them, threaten them and in some cases drive them to suicide.

Everybody who works for Canada Revenue Agency should be in prison, but rest assured everybody they have no authority to take anything that you have.

Before you flip off at the gums you should know what you're talking about.

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