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There are 540 billion trees in Canada's boreal forest and yet we are being told by every single agency in the government and on television that somehow we are running out of trees. If everything is being done properly in the world that is absolutely impossible.

The reality is that we are not producing enough carbon in Canada to the point where our country is now carbon negative which means that we are going to start starving our trees out. Without carbon dioxide trees can't breathe and trees will die. Every single thing that you have been told about green energy and carbon dioxide is an absolute lie.

Since there are two major corporations, Black Rock and JPMorgan Chase who have dropped out of the green energy plan because they are losing money, you should all look into every single reason why that could possibly be. These investors know why, because they're going to lose money on all of this nonsense because perpetuating an international lie is extremely expensive. All of you need to start burning more wood and all of your garbage right now so are trees don't die off.

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