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The Canadian Government has approved the sale of lab grown milk coming in from Israel and China. We don't know what is in these products because in Canada you only have to list what is considered food as part of your ingredients list. An example would be that some artificial sweeteners back in the '80s had crushed glass as a pouring agent within them, but glass did not have to be listed because glass is not a food item.

Regrettably the far left and the radical vegans of North America are continuing to spread the lies that animal products are bad for humans. They are lobbying the government and unfortunately they are winning their arguments because they are presenting their arguments to morons who have no training in biology. The average politician in Canada has an IQ of less than 105 which is actually quite terrifying when you think about how intelligent someone needs to be to keep an entire city or populous safe from this type of poison.

Come to Costa Rica where the food is considerably better; in fact, lab-grown milk would never be allowed to even enter the country. The Costa Rican government and the Costa Rican populace takes the quality of food that they produce very seriously. Meat, yogurt and milk is vastly superior in Costa Rica to anything that I've had in North America for the last 10 years. If you want to get your wealth moved to Costa Rica to get away from poison food supplies, get a hold of me right away!

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