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British Columbia Has 79 Forest Fires - Canadian Media Remains Silent And Blocks The News!

I get a lot of flack from people who asked me why it is that I put videos out describing the gloom and the doom of our world. It's not because I want you to be afraid of anything it's because I want you to be informed.

Remember I could always be at the pool having a Mojito or swimming in the ocean or going to the gym or dancing with pretty ladies here in Panama City, but I'm not.

I am monitoring the news all over Canada and I am finding out that the news is just not being reported because of mass censorship in the country that is so ridiculous that even though you all live in the same country none of you know that there are currently 79 wildfires burning in British Columbia today.

The Canadian government is censoring all of you on your social media so these messages cannot get out to the public.

I do not get paid to report the news but it's still extremely important to me that the people I care about in my home country know what's going on so they can protect themselves properly.

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