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The mayor of the town of Dalton in Illinois, Tiffany Henyard is accused of corruption. She's under FBI investigation for deliberately having the police raid the bars and restaurants of black business owners who refused to donate to her campaign.

After watching her demeanor online, I can tell you this, she is a self-centered and abhorrent individual who took up the office of that small town specifically to line her own pockets.

I don't know if all of you can read people as well as I can, but this woman needs to be in prison immediately. As soon as the mayor of a town decides that they are going to shut your company down because you refuse to donate to them, they immediately need to be incarcerated and not granted bail.

This is a black woman in political power who is criminally harassing and extorting black business owners and yet somehow the left wing media has made it clear that the white man is somehow responsible for her actions.

I for one will not be held back in making the statement that women should not hold political office because everything they do is reactive based on emotion and out of all the races out there, it is black women who have the highest rates of anger and the lowest self-control. You don't like what I've just said? Too bad!

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