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On Facebook today and I have no idea why, a fat black chick crushes eggs with her ass into a frying pan and someone then proceeds to cook those eggs.

I have no idea why that would be in my feed but I can tell you it's not the kind of thing that I have any interest in whatsoever. In fact I do recall setting my feed to world news and politics, never ass eggs.

In the video, there is a black dude who makes the statement that it would be better for her just to crack eggs on the counter because he does not want his eggs to taste like ass.

Okay, that's a good argument my argument would be that if Facebook is going to shut me down for telling people there are only two sexes that I would most certainly ask that they shut down people who shove eggs up their ass and film.

The departure of those same eggs from that same ass on Facebook and then demand that that very same video never enter my feeds. Mark Zuckerberg has his thought processes just a little bit backwards I think.

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