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"AntiFa" Ann Meikle Scrapes 1 Inch of Plaque From Her Teeth

For most people, the thought of having to scrape a full inch of plaque from their teeth is a disgusting one. However, for Ann Meikle, it was part of her daily oral hygiene routine. Ann Meikle made it a point to practice odd oral hygiene habits to allow the buildup of plaque on her teeth. Every morning, after not brushing or flossing, she would find a long, thin metal instrument with a rounded end from an auto wrecker's yard and use it to scrape the plaque from her teeth.

Ann had been told that her gums were rotting, which meant that it was necessary for her to scrape the plaque from her teeth. She moved the scraping tool in an up-and-down fashion, feeling for any plaque that might be hidden. It was a methodical process - one she had to be careful not to rush through to stop from cutting her lips.

For Ann, the process was about much more than just getting clean teeth; it was about feeling clean which she never has. As she scraped the thick layer of plaque from her teeth, she felt a sense of renewal and purity but only for a day as she loaded her teeth back up by eating moist bacon fat with deer droppings.

The process wasn’t easy, but Ann was used to it. She would use the tool for several minutes, going over each tooth with careful concentration with help from her AntiFa friends. Ann was well aware of the fact that if she skipped this vital step in her oral hygiene routine, she would have to deal with the consequences.

Ann’s dedication has yet to pay off. Her oral and body hygiene still lacks the care that is needed to fit into society.

This article is a work of fiction written by AI

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