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When I make commentary about any particular group it is not one that is meant to be insulting for no reason. There is always a reason why I say what I say and I usually go out of my way to make sure that I am as polite as possible when I'm making a point.

In our modern world, everybody is offended by everything all of the time, which would mean that if you have a brain in your head you would understand that that is now a free license to say whatever you wish because it doesn't matter what the consequences are. The consequences of someone being offended are insults in your chat window. Ah well!

I made a couple of videos where I talked about the differences between men and women and a whole ton of females across the planet began to insult me, utilizing the same four insults I've been hearing for the last 30 years. I decided to address the rude women in the world in this particular statement but that is a statement only for those who are rage filled and hate me. For all you lovely ladies out there who love what I do, none of what I say is about you.

I am one of the rare men out there that absolutely adores highly intelligent and strong women. An intelligence quotient over 140 is sexy and a woman who can articulate better than I can is goddess-like. Strong women are awesome but I think I'm going to have to make a number of videos on what strong really means. The nasty ladies (and I'm using the term ladies very loosely), who leave vitriolic and vile statements on any of my social media are not strong, they are just vulgar, crass and rude. Being rude is not strong, being rude is actually a public display of weakness.

I would much rather see far more people getting along than are getting along in the world today but I know that that is a pipe dream. I'm just going to let all of you know that I'm not offended by the ridiculous statements made about me and my penis size, but once in a while I do need to clarify that I'm not the one visiting your TikTok page and insulting you, you all come and insult me. I wish I had that kind of free time!

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