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6 Nurses Tell The Truth About The COVID-19 Scam - 7PM Calgary Time 9PM EST

Scroll down to watch live at 7pm Calgary Time, 9pm Toronto Time

We always tell you the whole truth. We have nurses who lost their jobs because they would not help to perpetuate the lies that the government has been spewing about the FAKE PANDEMIC!

This show will blow your mind! - Watch the show LIVE below at 7PM Mountain Time!

Kevin J. Johnston is NUMBER ONE in the Calgary Mayor Race, and the Kenny Government is in FULL PANIC MODE. After this show, he may run for the hills!

Download The Kevin J. Johnston Bill - Please Share it With EVERYONE.

BILL 70 Kevin J Johnston Bill
Download PDF • 3.99MB

THE LIVE BROADCAST is 7 PM Calgary Time, 9 PM Toronto Time

Watch LIVE on Rumble Below:


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Check out these videos with Kevin J. Johnston bringing the harsh truth to all of you! These videos are fantastic and you need to share them with everyone!

Calgary Police BREAK THE LAW and Illegally Interfere with the CALGARY MAYOR ELECTION - VIDEO:

CTV Interview UNCUT:

CTV Interview where Kevin J. Johnston destroys the interviewer:

GLOBAL NEWS Interview, again Kevin J. Johnston DESTROYS The Interviewer:

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