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2023 Was The Hottest Year on Record?

The Media Needs to Sell Advertising, So They Lie About Global Boiling

The ministry of the environment is coming out and stating that global boiling is now a thing and that 2023 was the hottest September and hottest year on file for Canada. Out of the 4.5 billion years the planet's been around, do we have records that go back to the planet's beginning or do we have records less than 100 years old in some cases? I'll let you answer that one for yourself and hopefully you're not an idiot!

All of this is designed to frighten you into paying more taxes and feeling guilty about having things around your house that require electricity. I feel guilty about nothing and I know they're all full of crap and I'll continue to debunk everything that they have to say about global warming, global boiling or anything to do with man-made climate change.

There are simply are not enough human beings on the planet to affect the weather in any way. The planet is far too big for a paltry 6 billion human beings to have any effect on it whatsoever. Don't believe the hype and burn a tire for Greta!

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