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2 Members of The Coutts 4 have pled guilty to get out of prison. Please do not judge them harshly, they may have won their cases, but they would have had to stay in prison for another year or two.

Canadian prisons are designed to break your spirit and turn you into a shell of what you were before. I know because they locked me up for 7 months of my life in those disgusting rat cages.

What the rest of the world does not know is just how evil Canada is and how poorly Canadian citizens are treated by the Judiciary and how disgustingly evil the prison guards are and the entire court system is.

I'm happy that at least two of the four men who have illegally been detained for 2 years get to see their families and their children. You have no idea how amazing it is to see daylight when you walk out of one of these so-called remand centers.

Canadians have two choices that is to rebel against their government using extreme violence or just get the fuck out of the country like I did. There were seven attempts on my life as a journalist in Canada, 7 months in prison, 3 months in house arrest $2 million in fines, 11.7 million in bogus lawsuits filed against Me by criminals and they stole my house, my car and my money.

I had two choices, become violent or leave. So, I've left and now I'm telling the world how bad Canada really is.

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