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Kevin J. Johnston placed SECOND in the Mississauga Mayor Race in 2018. It was later revealed that the DOMINION VOTING MACHINES used in the election were rigged by direct order from the office of Justin Trudeau.

Kevin J. Johnston WON The 2018 Mississauga Mayor Race. He's BACK to run in the Mississauga Mayor Bi-Election.

Campaign Guarantee 1

Bonnie Crombie is Going To Jail

Bonnie Crombie is a criminal. She worked closely with Trudeau's government to rig the 2018 and 2022 municipal elections. She works closely with terrorist groups to fund her campaigns and to launder money from Pakistan to Canada and then into Myanmar and Thailand which is used to murder Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs.

Bonnie Crombie is Guilty of the Following Crimes

Extortion - 14 Years

Election Interference

Election Fraud

Obstructing Justice - 10 Years

Intimidation - 5 Years

Fraud Over 5000 - 14 Years

Terror Funding - 10 Years

Murder - 25 Years PER VICTIM



Bonnie Crombie KNEW that COVID-19 was a political tool to help move massive amounts of wealth to the Liberal Party of Canada, and she KNEW there was no health risk to the fine citizens of Mississauga.

Bonnie Crombie was also aware that the Pfizer Vaccines were LETHAL and she forced you to put that poison in your veins. SHE KILLED PEOPLE IN MISSISSAUGA, and I will lock her up for her crimes against humanity.


Campaign Guarantee 2

Mississauga Will Be Independent

Mississauga holds all the cards in PEEL REGION. We have Lester B. Pearson International Airport, The Queen Elizabeth Way, Highways 401, 403, 407, 410, and 427. With the correct leadership, MY LEADERSHIP, Mississauga will be an economic Powerhouse. Brampton will do nothing in that time but drain Mississauga's resources.

Bramptonians saw fit to elect a very weak individual as their leader. Patrick Brown has no business being in any leadership roles at all and I will alleviate Mississauga and the citizens of Mississauga from the burden of dealing with a weak Man In charge of a city that will be bankrupt in no time.

Making Mississauga its own City and Region will save the city billions of dollars per year and make Mississaugans
RICH like they deserve to be.

Mississauga Is Leaving PEEL REGION - Brampton is an economic drain on Mississauga - kevin

Campaign Guarantee 3

Peel Regional Police Are GONE.

I have had a lot of experience dealing with the Peel Regional Police. They have ceased being a police force and become a joke one that the entire International Community knows about but does not find funny.

Instead of focusing on keeping the taxpayers who pay their salary safe, the union and the chief of police are spending all of their time on diversity hiring and on policing the speech of Canadians who are upset with their government.

Diversity is not our strength. Women do not make good police officers because biology dictates they can never take a man down which puts their lives in danger. Since nobody ever wants to talk about psychology, men do not want to be told what to do by women that they are not in a relationship. You cannot beat Human Nature but I can certainly beat Stupid policies.

PEEL REGIONAL POLICE diversity hires are gone we ill have our own police force.png

I'm going to pull Mississauga out of Peel region to turn it into an economic Powerhouse and all contracts at that point with the peel Regional Police Force which is merely a corporation for profit will be terminated. Mississauga will have its own police force comprised entirely of hyper-masculine men with intelligence quotients over 105.

The Mississauga Police Department will not be policing people's speech but instead will be performing the duties that police officers were originally created for in Canada and that is to serve the public and protect the public from Criminal Behavior.

Diversity hiring will never happen so long as I'm in charge of Mississauga, only qualified men will Don the new uniform that I will Design. Mississauggins will once again be safe from criminals and from Bad police service policies.

Female officers who want to continue to be police officers are welcome to go to Brampton, Toronto or Halton region where diversity hires are at the core of their policy structure.

I will do what's right for my hometown and I will do what's right for you. I am the only one who will keep you safe in Mississauga.

Campaign Guarantee 4

Mississauga Will Be RICH!

I will be removing more than 80% of the restrictions that Mississauga has imposed during Bonnie Crombie's ridiculous DICTITORIAL reign that are preventing you from making money.

If you're going to invest in a business, I'll make sure your business makes money. By-Law Officers who step out of line and threaten you in any way will be disciplined.

When the province attempts to get in your way, you'll have me protecting you and your investment. If you're going to open a business in Mississauga, the city makes money off your business tax which means I want every single business in Mississauga to thrive.

My guarantee to you is that you will make money when I am Mayor of Mississauga.


Campaign Guarantee 5

Brass Knuckles For

Drag Queens & Pedophiles Who

Go Near Children

The current mayor, Bonnie Crombie is a big fan of pedophilia and a big fan of drag queen storytime. Drag queens are adult entertainment. Many of them are very talented and their goal was to make money performing in front of adults.


Now we have the perverts with permission of the current city council putting on dresses and performing provocative acts in front of children in public spaces like libraries and schools.


This is unacceptable on every level and even though more than 80% of citizens of Mississauga protested this, Bonnie Crombie's perverted ways demand that she ignore you all.

Because Bonnie Crombie is a pedophile, more children have been exposed to naked men in Mississauga than ever before.

Kevin J Johnston Mississauga Mayor Race brass knuckle brigade.png

When I am mayor of Mississauga I will have a private police force who answer only to me who will be identified by the brass knuckles they wear. When pedophiles are caught in the act this police force will beat them to a pulp and then they'll be arrested, and publicly called out.


I'll be doing the same thing to any drag queen who decides to perform in front of children anywhere in my hometown. The radical left can complain about this policy all they want but I can promise you once we take the teeth out of a few of these perverts in the city, they will disappear and they will run for a different town.


Mississauga children will be safe when I am your Mayor.


Kevin J. Johnston is Canada's MOST CENSORED MAN and all because he tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth because in his words: "The truth is just way too much fun!"


Every politician in the country knows his name and face, and they always go running when they see him coming.

Have a look at the listing of the experience and skills of Kevin J. Johnston!​


+ Crypto Currency Expert
+ Public Speaking
+ 30+ Years Graphic Design
+ 25+ Years Radio / TV Marketing and Production
+ Corporate Writing
+ Logistics
+ Customer Service
+ Customer Service TRAINING
+ Corporate Talk Training
+ Seminars - Speaking
+ Seminars - Promoting / Running
+ Video Editing
+ Special Effects
+ Audio Editing
+ Audio / Video Directing


+ Former Instructor/Professor at
   - Sheridan College
   - Humber College
   - George Brown College
   - Seneca College
+ Hewlett Packard District Marketing Manager 1996 to 2000
   - Worked in 20+ American Cities for HP

+ Zippo Lighters Regional Manager

+ Consulted For 31 Radio Stations
+ Designed 3000+ Logos
+ Designed 1600+ Websites
+ Designed 800+ Brochures
+ Worked for numerous Pro Sport Teams

+ Canadian Football League Consultant For 3 Seasons

+ Traveled to most major North American cities for Business and/or Speaking Engagements.
+ Spoken to Audiences Exceeding 10,000
+ Travelled to 14 countries to film various conflict zones 

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