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My name is Kevin J. Johnston

 - Canada's Best Public Speaker

Kevin J. Johnson has won multiple awards for public speaking and presentations. Having worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies and presenting to audiences of up to 25,000 at a time, Johnston has received more standing ovations than all of his competitors.

Johnston has worked in radio, television, stage performance, and also stand-up comedy. He runs the number one podcast in Canada and has not lost a debate since 1993.

His approach to public speaking is the only appropriate one in our modern world and he has proved time and time again that he is the superior speaker when up against other professional speaking trainers.

If you're looking to make more money, have better success in your personal relationships, have better success in seeking out a new love interest, or looking to build your own audience on your own podcast then Kevin J. Johnston is the only man in Canada to help you acquire all of the above.

Training can be done via Zoom, Video Chat, or in Person. One-on-one sessions and group sessions are all available.

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Public Speaking Training

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