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Your Kids Are Not Vaccinated? The Schools In Canada Will Expel Them! Is That Legal?

How to stop the schools from KILLING your children!

Thursday, February 22 at 9PM EST



By popular demand, we have a special guest coming on tonight's show who is a legal expert.

Schools in Canada have threatened parents once again. they are telling parents all over Canada that if children are not vaccinated with the poison COVID-19 injections that have been killing millions of people worldwide, their children will be expelled from school.

My argument is that is the best outcome possible. you don't want your kids around the radical leftist and pedophilic school boards anyway and on top of that, you don't want them injected with that poison. if you do that you are killing your child.

You should be paying attention to what I am saying because I actually like children and I do love the human race but these schools hate your kids and hate you and hate everything good about society. they are trying to poison your kids' Minds with radical leftist indoctrinations and they are trying to kill them with drugs.

Pull your kids out of every Canadian school now!

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