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Why The Colorado Mass Shooting Happened - I am Appealing The Radical Left

Read the article at the bottom of the page, or watch the video below.

The Colorado mass shooting in a gay nightclub is an absolutely abhorrent, disgusting reprehensible and vile act committed by a complete piece of human refuse. the problem with the mainstream media and the reporting that they do is that they did not get to the core issue they simply blamed Straw Men like white supremacy, Republicans and indirectly Donald Trump.

The media only allows the radical left groups out there to speak about this issue and they of course lie to the public and continue to spew anti-heterosexual, anti-white and anti-christian rhetoric.

They are continuously looking for more donations and more money so they can continue to expand upon their abhorrent behaviours and continue to make the Western World a dangerous place for children.

In no way do I condone this shooting. I hope the shooter is beaten to a pulp every day while he rots in jail and I also hope they execute him because dirt like that serves no purpose and I would hate the idea of you in a single dollar of taxpayers money going into that guy's fat face in the way of food. We have to let the system do its bit because even scumbags like that have rights.

What the radical lgbtq do not seem to comprehend is that the rest of us have rights as well. They are shoving their left-wing Doctrine into our faces left right and Center and telling us that we are not allowed to argue their points. They are right only because they say so and everybody who'd amongst them with real psychology, real science and real arguments simply get called names by the mainstream media.

People are cracking under the pressure of a fake pandemic, a deliberate destruction of Western world economies, inflated food and housing prices and now families are divided over who is correct, the mask-wearing idiots or the non mask-wearing Freedom lovers.

It is time for everybody to stop pushing their radical ideologies on other people and it's also time for everybody who likes to have sex to do so behind closed doors and not talk about it publicly because there are those out there who just can't handle with our society is throwing at them and they will use violence because they don't know what else to do. I am appealing to the radical leftist agenda and those who espouse it, please consider my words today I want peace in all communities.

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