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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim theocracy and they are not taking in any refugees from Palestine and that includes any Muslims from the region. The Saudis have decided that they have to diversify because oil will run out one day so they are building Mega projects that will ensure they are the kings of Tourism for the next century.

If we are being logical and honest, when you are trying to build a nation, you have to eliminate every single problem that you have and do your very best not to bring in any new ones. Since Palestinian Muslims and Saudi Arabian Muslims do not get along, the Saudis simply do not want them there to be a distraction while they continue to build their massive Mega projects.

We have all been duped and lied to in the western world. It is not our responsibility to take in refugees especially considering the fact that qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi Arabians won't take them either. This war has nothing to do with us and as I said before I'm not taking sides and the entire nation of Saudi Arabia seems to agree with me!

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