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Why Pastor Coates Was Denied Bail.

As we all know Pastor Coates was denied his bail last week, sorry in fairness to the Judge, he was given the option to comply with an unconditional bail condition or remain in jail. So with an impossible bail condition to follow of not preaching, as his job of a Pastor and his faith requires him to do, Pastor Coates was denied reasonable bail. Let's be clear here, this isn't a matter of Pastor Coates not being willing to follow bail conditions. It is however, a matter of him not being able to follow such a condition. He can't follow this bail condition, because it goes against his faith and his obligation to follow & serve the word of God and not the word of man. So with his bail denied, Pastor Coates is going to do 10 weeks in jail, for a crime that if he's found guilty of, doesn't even carry a jail sentence, it only carries fines and community service. Which Mr. Coates a Pastor who's whole job is community service, so that part of a guilty finding wouldn't be hard for him to comply with. His lawyer pointed all of this out, the day before he was denied bail again, to the Justice of the Peace. It is absolutely appalling how a JP can keep somebody in jail for a charge, that if they're found guilty of, doesn't even carry any jail time, especially when that person has no criminal history. This is unheard of in our country and yet it's happening, let's wake up here people. I was able to observe the bail hearing the day before a decision made by the JP and the link to my report is bellow. The only good thing that will come from all of this, is the fact that the Government will now have to prove everything they've claimed to be true about Covid-19, the necessity of lockdowns & the real benefit lockdowns serve to the Public. Without the prosecutor from the health department presenting any new evidence at the bail hearing, I find it very doubtful that we'll hear anything new at the trial on May 3, 2021. Why didn't the JP even offer Pastor Coates house arrest, he wouldn't be able to attend church, which is exactly what the Crown wants anyways. Pastor Coates would at least not be sitting in jail and he could participate with the church in some fashion from home.

I think this Judge may actually want to force the Government to prove their case on Covid-19, but he could of at least offered Pastor Coates house arrest. Even with him sitting in jail his church is still holding services, so the ridiculous bail condition wouldn't prevent services from taking place in his place of worship anyways. There are two factors the Court reviews for Bail hearings: 1) If a person is a flight risk and 2) If the person is a danger to the public safety.

Neither of which Pastor Coates can be proven to be. With no criminal record and the fact that this charge carries no jail time, Pastor Coates has almost a zero percent chance of fleeing. Pastor Coates isn't a violent offender, he has no history of violence and his charge isn't one that can be proven to of caused harm to anyone. So therefore Pastor Coates is not a danger to the Public safety. Yet here we are with a bail denial, based on unconstitutional bail conditions. This all happening, while an actual murderer in the same court system is granted bail. Pastor Coates sits in jail for refusing to give up his constitional rights and to bend the knee to the Government's will, rather than following God's will. Personally with my experience of the so called Justice system here in Canada, I could see the Crown probably dropping the charges a day before trial date. This way the Health Department gets the most out of their illegal actions. I mean they are going to get sued anyways right? So in their own sadistic way of thinking, they may as well get the most out of it. Plus the flip side is this case may instill fear into member's of the Public, so as not to resist Health Orders. Which is the main goal of any Health Department, it's not to ensure public safety, it's to ensure Public compliance out of fear. Fear compliance is the only tool these goons have, simply because they have zero authority under the law. Unfortunately our legal system is broken and allows themselves to be used as a propaganda tool for the Government's agenda. Meanwhile however these charges will be dropped, because they have no legal bearing and some how the Crown will try to spin it like they are being merciful towards Pastor Coates. They will probably even quote Pastor Coates' lawyer when he said the charge carries with it no jail time, so the jail time served is already more severe than the possible fine Pastor Coates could face, if he was actually found guilty in the end. I'm not a fortune teller my any means, I do however, have a understanding of just how broken & backwards our system is. So let's see how this mess unfolds, either way in the end it will all cost the Taxpayer's and Pastor Coates, not the Health Department and the Government. So folks it's time to make all of these agencies and Government's accountable for their actions. After all, we the people pay them, not the other way around.

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