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Why I Won't Watch Predator PREY - A Non-Movie Review of Disney Plus New Film PREY

I think all of us are pretty tired of being told what to admire in the western world. We are told every single day that we must absolutely admire native Indian culture simply because a couple of left-wing nuts say that we should. We attribute a sense of higher morality to Indians because they didn't have gunpowder.

They certainly had tomahawks, sharp stones, and bows and arrows and they certainly showed the white man how Savage and horrible they could be. We are also being told that teenage girls are fully capable of being full-blown action Stars and that a little teenage girl who weighs 140 lb is fully capable of defeating in open combat an 8 ft tall alien super soldier with technology 10,000 years ahead of what we have today.

This is not going to be a coming-of-age story, this is going to be more anti-white and anti-man rhetoric which is why I am refusing to watch it even though it comes free with the Disney plus package I bought for my nieces and nephews.

What I will do instead is make a huge bowl of popcorn and watch the original with all of the hyperthyroid and Hyper masculine testosterone-fueled men of action of the past, who are quite frankly, real men.

The original Predator movie is an absolute phenomenon and is so powerfully testosterone-fueled that it inspired me to go to the gym when I was 17 years of age and lose 20 pounds of fat. This new one might inspire me to put on lipstick but certainly would not be something that I would even want to consider pretending to be entertained by.

Disney plus can kiss my ass and this movie is going to remain in the unwatched column of my account forever. In fact, I think I should just get rid of it and go for a jog.




RUMBLE: - A YouTube Alternative

ODYSEE: - A YouTube Alternative

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