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WHO Says It Is SELFISH To Have Children

The World Health Organization and the United Nations have gone out of their way now to tell all of us that having children is a selfish thing because of all the carbon they will exhale during their lifetimes.

There simply are not enough human beings to ever influence the atmosphere in any particular way and all of this is just negative depopulation rhetoric part of agenda 2030 and I encourage all of you not to fall for it.

Since white people are less than 9% of the world's population I would encourage every white person out there to get themselves into an area of the world they can afford well and have 10 kids per family.

We are being completely outbred and it's time for white people to start breeding again. Believe me I'm working on a campaign right now to have 100 more white children. If you're a gorgeous white woman and you want to have kids and you're tired of all the beta males out there who will never impregnate you, get a hold of me let's make some babies together.

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