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What Do Women Mean When They Say....

Women say ONE THING and mean up to 40 more that have nothing to do with what the statement was. Here are the top 50 CRAZY things that they say and what they REALLY MEAN!

What Do Women Mean When They Say These 50 Things?

01 “What do women mean when they say: Seriously?

“They mean: You should probably rethink what you just said.”

02 “When women say: What did you say?

“It basically means, ‘I heard you clearly but you might want to rephrase your statement’.”

03 “What do women actually mean by saying: Go ahead

“They mean: ‘Try me. I dare you to.’”

04 “What do women mean by saying: Maybe..

“They are honestly saying no.”

05 “When women say: Yes

“It can mean yes, or no or maybe. You have to read the body language and situation.”

06 “What do women actually mean when they say: That’s okay…

“They actually mean they are mad at you.”

07 “What do women mean when they say: Whatever

“Quite simply, it means: ‘Go to hell. I have no more words for you. It’s just not worth it.’”

08 “When women say: Wow

“They are simply amazed that you could be so stupid or inconsiderate.”

09 “When women say: Are you really going to wear that?

“You are not wearing that. Go and change. Period.”

10 “When women say: Do you remember what day it is today?

“They are basically saying: ‘Today is my birthday/our anniversary and you forgot.’”

11 “What do women mean by saying: It’s your decision

“They mean: No it’s not. You had better not make that decision on your own.”

12 “What do women mean when they say: Nothing / Nothing’s wrong

“You did something, and she is furious.”

13 “When women say: We’ll see

“They really mean No.”

14 “When a woman says: I’m not mad at you

“She really means she is mad at you.”

15 “What do women mean by saying: Fine

“Simply put: end of conversation.”

16 “When women say: I’m okay

“It really means she’s not. She’s mad at you.”

17 “When women say: No, you should go without me

“What they mean to say is: Absolutely not. Don’t step out of this house.”

18 “When a woman asks: Do I look fat in this?

“What she’s really trying to say is: I want to know if you find me attractive in this, and if I prettier than other girls in this – not whether I am ACTUALLY fat.”

19 “When women ask: So where do you see this relationship going?

“They are trying to tell you they want to take things to the next level. They want a commitment.”

20 “When a woman says: I like your friends but…

“She doesn’t really like your friends.”

21 “When women say: You don’t need to get me anything.

“You don’t NEED to, but you probably should, and it had better be heartfelt.”

22 “if women ask: So why did you and your ex-girlfriend break up?

“They honestly are saying: I’m trying to figure out if you’re a cheater or if there’s any other thing wrong with you.”

23 “When women say: I think we need a break

“They probably mean a break from the relationship forever.”

24What do women actually mean by saying We can still be friends

“They mean you will be a friend that they’ll never talk to again. So not a friend at all.”

25 “When women say: It’s not you, it’s me

“It’s definitely you. You are the problem.”

26 “When a woman says: I’m not l

ooking to date anyone right now

“She really means she’s not looking to date YOU.”

27 “When women say: Sorry, I’ve just been so busy

“It translates to: I just don’t have time for you.”

28 “When women say: Thanks a lot.

“It doesn’t really mean thank you, you probably didn’t do something right so she is mad at you.”

29 “What do women mean when they say: Have fun with that

“It means she is mad that you’d think she’d be okay with what you’re doing.”

30 “What do women mean when saying: Do what you want

“It means she’s probably mad that you would try to defy her. Do not do what you want.”

31 “When a woman says: Forget it

“She is upset that you don’t understand her.”

32 “What do women mean by saying: K?

“This one letter simply means: I am so unbelievably mad at you.”

33 “When women say: Don’t talk to me

“They couldn’t be clearer about being mad at you.”

34 “What do women mean when they say: We need to talk

“They are basically saying: This is not going to go well for you, you’ve probably disappointed me beyond repair, so get ready to listen.”

35 “When women say: I think we should just be friends.

“They are basically saying: Sorry, I’m just not attracted to you.”

36 “What do women mean when they say: We need to learn to communicate better.

“They are saying: You need to get better at listening to me and being an active partner.”

37 “When a woman says: You always do this.

“She is so mad at you and even madder because you’ve done the same thing before and have obviously missed a repeated point.”

38 “What do women mean actually by saying: I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

“They mean they’ll be ready when they are ready. It could be in an hour or two.”

39 “When women say: How do you two know each other?

“They are really saying: I’m really just trying to find out if you used to have a thing with her.”

Photo by Nicole De Khors – Under Burst License

40 “If women say: It doesn’t matter

“It probably does. She is mad that you. But is close to giving up.”

41 “When women say: Do you think she’s pretty?

“They are basically asking you if you think the other girl is prettier than them. You better watch your answer. Because they will know if you are lying too.”

42 “What do women mean by saying: Tell me the truth?

“They mean you should tell them about the situation, but it had better be what they want to hear.”

43 “When women say: This guy won’t stop messaging me

“They are basically saying: I want you to know that other guys find me desirable. You need to start appreciating what a catch I am.”

44 “When a woman says: I think it’s funny how…

“She really doesn’t find it funny. She’s mad at you and she’s about to tell you why.”

45 “What do women mean when they say: We’ll talk about this later?

“They are saying: I’m so mad at you but I need time to gear up for what I want to say to you.”

46 “When women say: I don’t want to ruin our friendship

“They are really saying: I’m not attracted to you. You are knee-deep in the friend zone and there’s no getting out.”

47 “What do women mean when they say: We’re just in different places right now?

“They mean they do not wish to continue the relationship.”

48 “If a woman says: I have nothing to wear

“She might have a lot of clothes but nothing in her closet fits the specific occasion.”

49 “What do women mean by saying: I’m really not that hungry?

“They are really saying: I am hungry, but I can’t decide and I want you to pick something that I would like to eat, not what you want to eat.”

50 “When women say: Would your girlfriend be okay with that? Especially if they just met you

“Especially if they just met you, they are either: trying to find out if you have a girlfriend or acknowledging you have a girlfriend. If they are doing the latter, a teasing tone means they are interested, probably regardless of whether you DO have a girlfriend; if they do not seem flirty (body language, eye contact, etc.), it is probably a warning.”


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