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Palestinian protests all over the world have been ramped up but they have nothing to do with Palestine.

They are just interference in the western world's operation. The people who are involved in this do not care about the Middle East and most have not even been to the Middle East. They're just using this as an excuse to bring chaos to daily life.

They're going to solve nothing. However, they are going to create a lot of problems, which they have already done and will continue to do.

Palestine has never once in history been a country. It's a region of land that the Romans named Palestine to piss off Jews 3,000 years ago and everyone's been sticking to the LIE ever since.

At least now with the new carbon tax in place, Canadians who actually have jobs and who actually pay taxes have just finally figured out there being duped and they are protesting against the carbon tax.

You should be doing that and ignoring Palestine altogether it has nothing to do with us.

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