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Black Africans Who Entered Italy Illegally Are Now Demanding Free Money From Italians

Illegal aliens are entering Europe every day. They have no money and they have no skills. They add no value to society yet somehow they end up arriving on very expensive boats with very expensive motors and a lot of fuel to power those boats across the Mediterranean.

They are illegally entering an existing in Italy and now they're making demands of Italians for money. That's right they scream at Italians demanding free cash.

First I'm wondering why the Navy isn't blowing them out of the water but secondly why is the Army not rounding them up and throwing them out?

People that demand money from me will most likely eat my fist and the problem is Italians have become equally as wimpy as the Brits and everybody else so they're letting it happen because they don't want to be called racist by racist scumbags. Good luck Italy.

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