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USA World Cup Men's Soccer Team Goes Totally Gay In The Wrong Country

The radical leftists and the LGBTQ collaborative associations have always decided they wanted to stick their lifestyle in all of our faces. Most of them represent less than 1% of the entire world's population yet they get 100% of all the media out there.

The World Cup of soccer is taking place in Qatar this year.

The American national team has changed its logo from red white and blue to the rainbow flag.

Here is the problem for the American team, it is illegal to be gay in Qatar. This is a radically conservative Islamic nation and they follow the Koran to the letter of the law.

In Islam, it is illegal to be gay regardless of what country you might be in and on top of that homosexuals are to be lit on fire, beheaded, or thrown off of a cliff. Apparently, this is what Allah commands.

I have concerns that the Qatar government is going to lock up the American team for brandishing those logos causing an International Event. I certainly hope this is not the case, but these days you just never know.

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