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Taco Bell Really Can't, "Think Outside Of The Bun."

Well I don't do this to my digestive system too often, but I decided to make to very poor dietary choice of getting some Taco Bell. I went into a local KFC/Taco Bell, after walking through a maze, I had to stand over 10ft from the counter to yell my order at them; because their kitchen fan is so bloody loud. I asked the lady serving me, being this far away how exactly am I suppose to pay for my order? The lady replied, she will pass you the machine, so I'm already thinking alright this ought to be fun. She asks me if I'm paying with tap, note they have signs everywhere "to protect the public please use tap". I wasn't aware that us helping the Government convert to a paperless currency is protecting anyone really. So of course me being resistive to all of this garbage covid fear Mongering, I say no sorry I'm paying with cash. The lady was quite noticeably irritated by this and she even appeared to be scared. I was waiting for her to refuse my cash, then I could share with her what the Bank of Canada had said last year about refusing cash. The Bank of Canada urged businesses to keep accepting cash, as some individuals are limited in terms of payment options. The Bank of Canada stated that the risks posed from handling bank notes are no greater than those posed by touching other common surfaces that a person can come into contact with bacteria, like on doorknobs, kitchen counters, and handrails. They went on to say, that they encourage Canadians to use the method of payment they're most comfortable with. Well I'm most comfortable with cash. So the Taco Bell employee unlocked a safe under the counter to get a cash drawer out and then she had to set up a new till to process my cash. This whole process was as if I was cashing in a large amount of chips at a casino or something. She reached as far as she could towards me with a red food tray, to have me place my $20 bill on it. Then she did the same long reach, to give me back my change and recipient. She then placed the tray, used to handle my covid diseased currency, on the counter beside her cash register, where it had been when I entered the restaurant. She then indicated an area where I can wait for my order, where the floor has one of those giant red circle Government approved "WAIT HERE" floor stickers on it. This is the idiotic part, she brings me my food as I stood right at the counter, because this is where the big red sticker is located on the floor. Then she hands me my food & drink, almost touching my hand on the process. This covid craziness is just too much, treat me & my money like it's a fresh stinky dog turd. Then in turn you hand me my food, less than 2ft away from me and almost touch my hand in the process. Then I exit the restaurant out the same door I entered through, passing customers that are entering the restaurant, whom will go through the same covid fearful idiotic process that I'm now shaking my head at. I guess so much for Taco Bell being able to follow their own slogan, which is to "think outside of the bun."

I said years ago that the total loss of human common sense, would be the total downfall of the world. Well folks it would appear to me, that sadly we are getting very close to that point today.

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