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HERE COMES THE BOOM🥊 Pierre Poilievre never holds back any punches, when it comes to Trudeau.

MP Pierre Poilievre, who represents Carleton, Ont., served as Minister for Democratic Reform from 2013 to 2015 and Minister of Employment and Social Development in 2015. Pierre Poilievre had been the Conservatives’ Finance Critic since being appointed in 2017, and has been considered the party’s Finance Minister-in-waiting, if the Tories won the next federal election. Which we all know won't happen with Erin "the useless" O'Toole as their leader. Pierre Poilievre holds no punches back when he takes on Canada's Trust Fund Baby Blackface Trudeau. Pierre Poilievre hit the nail on the head earlier this month when he stated, "Canadians won't get jobs until Trudeau loses his" and he asked as well; "Why is it that workers abroad get paychecks, while Canadians at home get credit card debt?", in these video links: Pierre Poilievre made these statements to Trudeau in the House of Commons, a week after Erin "the useless" O'toole down graded him to the so-called "shadow minister" for Jobs and Industry, a portfolio that doesn't exist in that specific form within the minority Liberal Government. Which according to O'Toole is so Pierre Poilievre can help rebuild the economy post-pandemic. Great idea let's not have a Fearless Finance Crititc in the supposive "opposition party", to continue challenging the overspending of Justin Trudeau's Crooked Liberal Government. This makes as much sense as a person with a lactose problem drinking milkshakes everyday and expecting to not crap their own pants. Let's be realistic here Erin "the useless" O'Toole, is in bed with Trudeau. O'Toole's complete lack of action, as the opposition leader, speaks for itself. These Canadian quarantine Facilities that the Trudeau Government claimed was a conspiracy, when MPP Randy Hillier brought this to the Government's attention back in July 2020. Trudeau also quoted to USA Today in October 2020 (attached below) that, "Ultimately if someone chooses to travel, we're not going to keep them imprisoned in Canada. There's freedom of movement in this country." Back on February 9, 2021 the RCMPVA sent an official communication email out to retired RCMP officers, recruiting them to help run quarantine facilities in Canada. What is Erin O'Toole's knowledge of these Facilities? One would assume being the leader of the opposition, that Erin O'Toole would take a stand against such things that would be infringing on Canadians rights. Instead however it would appear he must approve of these quarantine facilities. This will all be attached on its own in a separate blog post for everyone's viewing pleasure or displeasure, as it may very well boil your blood to read. Pierre Poilievre has made Trudeau look like an absolute fool so many times, that if The Count from Seseme Street was counting along he'd have to pull out an algebra calculator just to keep up. Well I'm glad to see that Pierre Poilievre is still fearless in the House of Commons and is still challenging Trudeau. From the beginning of Blackface Taking Office, Pierre Poilievre has hammered Trudeau starting with Trudeau's heavy handed tax bills on the middle class, while he coddles the rich with tax breaks; as can be seen in this link: Onto the WE Charity Scandal, where Pierre Poilievre told Trudeau "No One Believes You", as seen in this comical video:

And in this WE related links as well:

Pierre Poilievre has been the only one trying to hold Trudeau accountable for his fraudulent actions and he hasn't stopped there either. Back in November 2020 Pierre Poilievre challenged Trudeau on "The Great Reset" and started a petition to stop “The Great Reset”, something which Trudeau touted to the UN while speaking about the political opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. Pierre Poilievre posted his petition in a video on his Facebook link here: Pierre Poilievre said, “Trudeau says COVID is his big "chance" to impose his "reimagined" society. Is he trying to shut down Finance Committee to cover up just the WE scandal or also to block scrutiny of the 'reset?'" Even this week Pierre Poilievre made Trudeau look like a fool again when he said in the House of Commons in regards to Trudeau's abilities as PM, "Being the worse at one thing is a distinction, but being the worse at everything takes effort." As seen in this link: So thankfully Pierre Poilievre is not letting up on the incompetence and fraudulent behavior of Chinada's Prim-Dictator Justin Trudeau. Pierre Poilievre would be an excellent Finace minister, but not with Erin O'Toole in the PM's Office. So hopefully the Independent Parties keep growing and Pierre Poilievre can join a party that stands for Canadian's the same way he does. To follow Pierre Poilievre online here are the links to his pages: FB: IG: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: Mr. Poilievre on behave of all Canadian's, thank you for standing up for our rights and honoring your oath to office. Keep up the hardwork and you have the support of the Canadian Taxpayer's who want to see accountability and transparency in politics. Enjoy the last link which is the best of Pierre Poilievre V🥊S Blackface:

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Check the inside of your passport regarding the "ability" to travel freely....."to pass freely, without delay or hindrance....."

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I hope the U.S. passport says freedom to travel too.

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