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We are living Canadian history in real-time, which is sure to go down in the books; the story is still being written. Our crew went to Ottawa to see first hand what was happening at the “Freedom Convoy to Ottawa 2022”. We started with the intention of gathering footage for a short five-minute summary of what was happening on the ground in Ottawa… we had no idea what this would become.

During our time in Ottawa, opportunities were opened to us and we have garnered some support to prepare and fundraise for a feature documentary. We have access to key players of the "Freedom Convoy", the command centre and associated professionals. We have many frontline connections and have gathered dozens of interviews. We want to hear all stories, from all sides, from every angle. Our goal is simple: Transparency.

Many Canadians agree that many 'Legacy Media' outlets have tarnished their reputation throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are left wondering which voices we can trust as we often see the pendulum swing too far the other way. People are starting to realize that we don’t know the full story and we are desperately searching for true facts. There is an unprecedented search for honesty and transparency in our culture right now. We live in a time where we are inundated with information - drowning in confusion with conflicting stories.

We traveled across Canada in January 2022 and experienced this protest first hand until the downtown was cleared. A week after the dust settled and the trucks were returned to their drivers, we headed out again. For the second time in one month we are drove across this great country gathering stories and eye witness accounts of some of the more controversial events associated with the convoy and rumours that spread like wildfire. To date, in May, we have added approx 60,000 kilometers on our truck!

Who are we? Eagle Vision Video Productions is a small business in the northern British Columbia Peace Region with 23 years' experience telling the stories of our clients. We have been honoured with numerous film awards throughout the years and it is a privilege to elevate this historical moment for Canada and the World to judge for themselves... is this movement truly "Unacceptable?"

Why trust us? We believe it is because we represent you: the average person. We ourselves are average Canadians. We not a big faceless media outlet, in fact we are not 'media'. We are on this journey because we are searching for the same answers as everyone else; we are feeling the same sense of disenchantment that you are.

This is an event touching the life of every Canadian. It exploded onto the international stage. The outcome of these events are going to have a dramatic impact on us as Canadians and our Nation's history...we better know the full story. Ben Haab

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