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Justin Trudeau is never going to step down. The man is somebody who gets off on all the insults and threats of violence that you offer to him. He is thoroughly enjoying destroying his country and destroying everything good about our culture. His father was a staunch communist and so is he.

You might also think that this petition going around to get him out on a no confidence vote is going to work. There is no such law in Canada to back up your petition.

If you ever listen to the previous Prime Minister Paul Martin explain to you that the Prime Minister can do what he wants with no punishment, perhaps you understand a little bit more why we are in the predicament that we are in.

You're all going to have to go to the polls, every single one of you are going to have to go to the polls and make sure that somebody else wins the election. However, the damage that he is done is irreversible so the only thing you're going to do by voting somebody else in the office is giving yourself a couple of years a piece for the country collapses completely.

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