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The City of Toronto has become a violent war zone full of criminals from Africa, India, the Middle East and places you've never heard of.

The Toronto police are the biggest bunch of cowards you've ever met. They are okay with beating the living shit out of white women and white children who do not commit any crimes and just criticize immigration policy, yet if you have brown skin or you're black you can commit any crime that you want and they will not care and they will not stop you.

The Chief of Police of Toronto was questioned about their lack of response to auto theft in Toronto and his entire response was to tell all of you to let the thieves have your car. What the hell is going on in Toronto?

Now you know why I say defund the police because Canadians who were born in Canada and our taxpayers are getting zero value for their money. Why pay for police who demand that you give your car away to a non English speaking foreign criminal who hasn't earned anything in their lives?

It's time to seriously rethink our entire Society at this point.

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