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Toronto Ice Storm Footage From 2013 - What Canadians Called a NATIONAL TRAGEDY



In 2013 in the winter time which Canada has many of, it warmed up and instead of snow we got a light rain. In the morning roughly 3:00 a.m., the temperature drops to freezing and just as the laws of physics dictate, the water on the trees turn to ice and the weight of the ice on trees all over the city of Toronto and neighboring Mississauga caused trees to break.

People in the area in True Canadian fashion stated that it was a national tragedy on the scale of that experienced by people in World War II. I mean Imagine The Audacity Of anyone to compare a broken tree or two to the millions upon millions of dead in both major world wars plus every other International conflict that has ended so many human lives.

As soon as the neighbors I had the displeasure of sharing the street with began to describe broken trees as an absolute tragedy and warzone, I jumped in the car and decided to film this supposed National tragedy. As you can tell, it was exactly what I thought it would be and that was a whole bunch of broken trees on driveways, front lawns, sidewalks and on the roads. All of these trees were very easily cleared within the next 48 hours and life went back to normal. When I say normal I mean that Canadians went back inside the house and watched tv, ate potato chips, drink coffee and beer and complained about how horrible they have it in life. Now, in 2013 there wasn't anywhere near as much to complain about back then yet people whined and complained about the fact that that tree outside that fell down was such a shock that I cried for days and days and days and days and days.

Don't any of you ever get bored of whining, crying, complaining and generally sounding like a 5-year-old kid? Don't any of you understand that things like this happen once in a while and at the best thing in the world to do is shut up and clean up? What exactly do you think you're going to get by crying about broken trees and what more so do you think you're going to gain by comparing a broken Tree on your lawn to 50 dead bodies on your farm in 1944?

Before I sound like I am whining and complaining, I just thought I would put this video up for all of you to enjoy.


RUMBLE: - A YouTube Alternative

ODYSEE: - A YouTube Alternative

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