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Toronto Fraudster JERICHO DIGOS Hiding In Monaco

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Jericho Digos is an unusual character. He is a CONFIDENCE MAN. He gains the confidence of people through smooth-talking, expensive dinners, and lavish drug-fueled parties.

Jericho Digos has been using EARLS RESTAURANT in Etobicoke, Ontario as his base of operations and has dragged his sister MICHELLE DIGOS and his two adult children into the international fraud scheme he has cooked up and is participating in.

More will be covered in this story as time goes on. In the meantime, he owes me $50,000! I have served him a lawsuit for what he owes and I doubt he will even defend it. His arrogance is one where he believes himself to be untouchable.

BELOW is the LAWSUIT in PDF Format:

JOHNSTON v DIGOS et al Jun 2-2023 Web
Download PDF • 3.52MB

BELOW are the people at FLESH TATTOOS in Ontario that he works with on his fraud campaign, some are listed in the lawsuit.


93 Woodbridge Ave. Unit A Woodbridge, ON L4L 2S6 (647) 456-5653 OWNER & SR. ARTIST_ LolaTatts IG: @FleshTattoos905 / @Lola_Tatts 647-456-5653  SR. ARTIST_ Joey Magz IG: @joeymagztattoo 416-878-7845 JR. ARTIST_ Sammy Sweetheart IG: @_s1l3nt_sam_ 416-894-0938 JR. ARTIST_ Mad Matt IG: @mjporopat 416-931-3475 PIERCER_ Cristina "Pokey" IG: @pokedbycris 647-979-6447

BELOW are the email addresses that the lawsuit was served to on behalf of MICHELLE DIGOS

BELOW is the Sister of Jericho Digos, MICHELLE DIGOS who is a part of the fraudulent moves made by the collective group.

BELOW is the Daughter of Jericho Digos, Shaelyn Digos, Daughter of Jericho Digos who is a part of the fraudulent moves made by the collective group.

Shaelyn Digos, Daughter of Jericho Digos

BELOW is Jericho Digos, getting a tattoo from SAMMY SWEETHEART at FLESH TATTOOS in ONTARIO

BELOW is Tyler Digos, a Partner of Jericho Digos

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