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Tibet- A Development you dont want to miss out on

What would you do if you had an opportunity to invest in a city like Cancun 30 years ago? This is the opportunity that is arising in the Cota Alegre region of Jalisco, Mexico.

Starting price: $60,000 usd each lot (2,325 sqft)

As the Map above shows, the Tibet development is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. another 25 minutes to the south of Tibet is a Brand new (operational in the next 12 months) Costalegre International Airport. around this airport, plans are in place to build a whole new City, centred around luxurious, environmentally conscious resorts and developments. 1.5 Billion has already gone into some of these developments and Infrastructure.

This is an opportunity to get into an investment on the ground floor. this is Cancun 30 years ago. They are using a natural lagoon to help form their City's marina. Big names such as Four Seasons Hotels, Xala Resort, Six Senses Resorts and Louis Vuitton Hotel are some of the players who have claimed their stake in what is being called Mexico's most popular destination in the future.

Discover a corner of serenity and spirituality in the spectacular Jalisco Costa Alegre, we present you Tibet, a subdivision where nature merges with Tibetan tradition to create a unique experience. 

Tibet Details:

  • 252 small luxury lots (for single-dwelling homes)

  • 2,325 sqft lots starting at $60,000 USD

  • approx. $40,000 USD to build ( 1,150 sqft single-story homes)

  • local, natural building materials

  • 3 designed homes to choose from (to maintain aesthetics)

  • 1 building plan for double lot homes

  • Located between 3 bodies of water:

    • endless Pacific coast line

    • Saltwater estuary (Lagoon)

    • freshwater Lagoo

  • Boat ramp and docks for fishing and pleasure craft (estuary is full of fish)

  • Each house has the option for a mini "plunge Pool"

In the image above on the right, you will see a list of everything they will have included on location for amenities and activities. There will be a waling trail around and throughout the development and the small fresh water lagoon as well as a much longer loop around the entire estuary which the developers believe is around 50 km. this loop would take you to the edge of the sand dune hills that separate the ocean from the estuary. Those same sand dunes provide a lot of shelter from wind coming off the open Pacific Ocean.

Nestled among 252 eco-friendly lots surrounded by an estuary and a lagoon, this unique haven offers more than just a place to live—it’s a sanctuary for the soul. Each detail is imbued with Tibetan elements, fostering an environment where meditation and well-being naturally flourish. It's a place where inner peace isn’t just a possibility but a daily reality.

The fusion of Tibetan culture with the tranquility of nature creates an enriching backdrop for life here. Imagine waking each day to the serene views of a lagoon or estuary, the gentle caress of the Pacific Ocean breeze on your face, and the lush greenery that envelops this peaceful refuge. It's a setting that promises a profound connection with nature and oneself.

If this sounds like an investment you would want to make on future value OR as a luxury to invest in yourself, gifting yourself the space to be in complete harmony, I suggest clicking the link below and get in contact before these sell out!

"Lakefront" properties are an investment strategy evaluated by experts, and for a short term you will have the possibility to invest at a pre-sale price in TIBET:

The sustainable architecture applied in the design of TIBET is integrated into the environment, achieving a minimal impact on the ecosystem. TIBET is an invitation to live in contact and harmony with nature in ideal spaces for coexistence with your friends and family. All the areas designed to provide comfort and recreation, take up with them elementary concepts, such as Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind

Imagine waking up every morning and enjoying panoramic water views from the lagoon. It will be your constant companion, giving you a sense of serenity and connection. Some of our grounds are strategically located so you can have direct access and a breathtaking view of the water

Welcome to the next generation of lakefront living in Mexico. This new enclave will offer a wide variety of "Lakefront" and "Mountain View" plots within a private property of 31.87 acres all lands have easy access providing the opportunity to build the eco-friendly residence of your dreams.

Every piece of land in "Tibet" is an opportunity to create a space that is truly yours. Imagine your home surrounded by nature and culture, a haven where you can grow, relax, and experience a life in balance

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