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A 25 Mile Island Made of Leaves and Garbage is Killing Turtles in The Pacific Ocean - Or Is It?

Greenpeace and other maniacal institutions who lie to children on a daily basis about the planet warming up, which we know to be impossible, continue to lie to Children about an island made of garbage that you can walk on.

Naturally, I have debunked this over and over again and whenever I question them on this island asking for any evidence whatsoever, usually I get middle fingers and profanity. They'll attack my character telling me that I'm a bad man for not caring about the planet.

The planet is doing just fine and it has survived a whole lot worse than us and it will be here a long time after we are gone. It certainly will not care about a couple of plastic bottles here and there and it doesn't care about you or green peace or any other Institution or the lies that they tell.

I just wanted you to see how easy it is to fool the public.

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