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The media will never cover the real reason why the submarine called the Titan imploded on its way down to see the titanic. A couple of billionaires and the moron who runs the company are dead now and I'm not sure why any of you care because I'm willing to bet that none of you knew them. What billionaires do with their own money is entirely up to them and I really couldn't care less. I'm equally as uncaring about someone who decides to skydive with no experience and buys there parachutes from a discount store and expects them to be as good as the real thing.

The owner of the company decided that he didn't want to have highly skilled white male Engineers working on his project so he hired a whole bunch of stupid kids mostly girls in their twenties who had Tick Tock accounts and I'm trying to understand what his thought process is on that one. Tick tockers are not engineers they're just irritating assholes and little more than that. You don't hire children to build submarines much the same way you don't put down syndrome sufferers in the cockpit of a 747 and say get me to New York.

I would be equally as critical of a hospital who finds a malignant psychotic serial killer and then gives them a job as a brain surgeon. None of you need to worry yourselves about a submarine when the entire economy in North America is on the verge of collapse. You are also easily distracted.



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